Remembering Mom

My Mother left us on Easter Sunday 2011. She is gardening god’s flowers now. I miss her daily as does all of my family. She was a light in our life. An Inspiration to us all. I always commented that I would love to have her energy and love of life when I was her age, or even now!! She put us younger people to shame with her busy life style. But I will miss her input to what I make the most. It was a daily ritual to take the previous days work and go next door and say "MOM look at what I made". Yes I was lucky enough to live right next door to my mom. She would ooh and aww as moms do, and then we would talk about ways to make it even better, more life like, or fun!! She was always pushing me to take it to the next step. Just as she pushed her designs in Fused glass and lastly bead work. Both of our loves are sculptural Designs. I Miss my mom and strive daily to still make her proud.

“Look at What I made MOM"