Our Pictures and Memories of Mom

Pictures from our cruise.

Fishing when she came with us to Michigan. She’s on a floating dock!

Love this picture- Taken on our trip in Michigan. She fished from sun-up to sun down.

We ARE Both Cancer survivors (Relay for Life Walk)

Mom and our son Vance (Her wincey wincey wow wow )

Mom's Flowers , she was a very busy woman. gardening in her yard and mine ! she loved her flowers and could tell you what they were and where you should plant them.

Mom’s front yard.

I Love the Daisies !!

A Picture of my front yard, That’s all Moms work, trees too!!

Mom’s Fused Glass work

One of her first large pieces.

Close up of the flowers

Her Sail fish pieces were fantastic, the colors she used and the detail she put into them were inspiring.

Jon Dori fish w/ a jelly fish.