How its made

Molten Glass Designs

Mike & Sherrie  Venghaus


We Are Locals of Niceville Florida and draw our inspiration from the sea. We do Art Shows full time through out the year traveling from south Florida up the east coast to New York , the mid northern states Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana and of course our tri state area Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.  Our art is best described as a Hot ballet of molten glass coming in and out of the flame only to stop when the form that we have in mind comes to life. All Pieces are free formed one at a time from rods of glass into wearable sculptures. Our specialty is the detail that we put into each piece. Working with glass is an emotional experience you will come to understand when you can imagine the medium at approximately 3,000∞F. It is the most fluid three-dimensional medium an artist can work closely with. The sensual flow holds your attention in a kind of magic spell. The glass is only cold and hard when it comes back down to room temperature. Try to imagine the sculptures created from intense heat with the flames licking the sides of the shapes transforming them towards timeless suspension. We love the use of reactive glass to capture wonderful colors. Something new is the addition of copper and silver Electroforming to finished pieces to enhance there detail.  We hope our pieces can make you smile and be awed, as we are always amazed at what a Rod of glass can become in the fire of a Torch.